What Are Mono PERC Panels? Why Choose Them For Rooftop Solar System?
What Are Mono PERC Panels? Why Choose Them For Rooftop Solar System?

What Are Mono PERC Panels? Why Choose Them For Rooftop Solar System?

Solar power plants are quickly being adopted worldwide. People now have started understanding the need for sustainable ways of development. The credit goes to the rising electricity bills, which is due to the continuous increase in the use of electric appliances and new technology coming in. 

The increase in household electricity bills is also because of the much-needed environmental protection effort the government needs to dedicate amid using harmful electricity generation techniques like coal, hydroelectricity, and other fossil fuels.

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The solar panel is a one-time investment that pays you back for a lifespan. The cost of solar panel installation is just a small pebble on the path, but the benefits are never-ending. And adding to it there is a cherry on the cake! The government, in its efforts to encourage the process, is subsidizing solar installation in most states. There are tax benefits also, and if you are generating more power then you can sell it to the electricity grid and earn a few bucks with that too.

The solar panels and the system itself are durable enough which can be further extended using the latest technology. Mono-crystalline solar panels or Mono PERC panels are the advanced pieces of technology available. Mono PERC solar modules are recognized to improve power generation and have an extended life as compared to Polycrystalline panels.

What are Mono PERC panels?

Mono-crystalline cells are manufactured using a single silicon crystal. And Since they are manufactured from high-quality silicon crystals, they have high efficiency, better low light performance, and a long life span. Polycrystalline (Poly), as the name suggests, is made from melting many silicon crystals. They are easy to manufacture, economical, and produce less wastage. 

However, quick changes in solar module manufacturing procedures are starting to limit this cost advantage that poly modules enjoyed over their mono counterparts. Mono PERC module is the latest innovation and can currently be used as mono-crystalline and polycrystalline cells. Conventionally, solar cells include an emitter layer on the front surface and a black coating on the rear side. 

Alternatively, Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) utilizes dielectric passivation film on the rear or back surface of the cells. Accordingly, in mono PERC cells, the front surface absorbs sunlight whereas the rear surface absorbs the reflected or scattered sunlight. This results in higher power generation than their traditional counterparts due to higher light absorption and internal reflectivity. 

When we merge two of the finest technologies in the market, they offer even higher energy efficiency of up to 22% which justifies the high capital cost of a retail solar power system. Their excellent low-light and high-temperature performance provides more flexibility in installation. 

Mono PERC solar panels may not be appropriate for all kinds of solar projects. However, they are ideal for rooftop installations, where lower installation costs and faster return on investment are the key factors. The rise in demand for high-efficiency solar panels is inevitably driving consumers to adopt mono PERC solar modules. As a result, many renowned solar companies in India like Insolation Energy are considering Mono PERC Solar Module manufacturing due to its numerous benefits. 

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Why are Mono PERC panels a better choice for your rooftop solar plant system?

Mono PERC panels are recognized to have higher efficiency in performing under low light situations too. These panels contain a high photovoltaic capacity and produce enriched power during lesser sunlight. The exclusive design of Mono-crystalline panels not only appears good but also has scientific importance. The unique design increases the contact area with sunlight and helps generate more electricity. The following are some other advantages of Mono PERC panels over polycrystalline panels:

  • The cells of Mono PERC panels are coated with silicon nitride, which helps to reduce glare from sunlight, thereby increasing power generation.
  • Monocrystalline panels have better heat resistance capabilities. This helps improve system efficiency and avoid failures or defects that can become serious management problems.
  • The top surface of Mono PERC solar module is coated with phosphorus which helps in generating a complex electric field for better productivity. This is caused because of the negatively charged electric orientation as compared to the positive electric orientation underneath it.
  • The unique pyramid pattern of the mono PERC cells provides a large surface area. This is why this type of panel has excellent power generation capacity.
  • The generated electricity is then gathered through complex metal conductors, which are known to deliver smoothness to the system.
  • Mono-crystalline panels have durability. The panels are known to survive for up to 35-40 years and even more if taken better care of.

The above features enhance the efficiency of Mono PERC panels by at least 30%. The latest technology in solar power systems makes sure that you get the most out of your solar panels.

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Solar panels have a significant impact on the environment. And this one-time investment gets worthwhile when you realize a huge drop in your monthly electricity bills. Utilizing effective technology like mono PERC panels can prove to be a little expensive initially, but the benefits pay off later. 

With various Mono PERC Solar Module manufacturers available, it is extremely important that you choose a well-known Mono PERC Solar Module supplier in Jaipur like Insolation Energy to install the high-efficiency solar module for you. 

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