What You Should Know About Solar Warranties
Solar Warranties

What You Should Know About Solar Warranties

Solar power projects are viewed as investments, thus the consumer is betting on their lifetime durability at the time of purchase. Consumers turn to an established and reputed solar system company in India, therefore, for getting the best deal.

Although the majority of Indian solar firms offer a 25-year warranty, this does not always indicate that your plant will only last that long. Commercial solar panel systems have been known to operate for longer than 40 years as well, however the efficiency may decrease slightly.

So, the crucial query is: What does a 25-year warranty that I’ve been given cover?

We must first identify the sort of warranty that your solar energy project has, in order to respond. Performance warranties and manufacturing/product warranties are the two sorts, and both have different levels of coverage.

Customers have the peace of mind that the slow decline in efficiency won’t speed up and will continue to work at a decent pace thanks to performance warranties. The entire effectiveness of solar energy battery storage may start to decline with ageing and general deterioration at a rate of no more than 0.5% to 1% annually. This means that while the plant might run at 97% in the first year after acquisition, it might drop to 91% after ten years and 81% after 25.

For any machines, especially those that are constantly exposed to the environment, this progressive decrease is inevitable, and to be expected. The performance warranty will intervene to replace the panels, supply extra panels to make up the loss, or even give the customer a refund for the discrepancy between the predicted and actual wattage, if this difference starts to fall sharply. Therefore, it is critical to opt for a made in India solar panel by topnotch manufacturers that guarantees a superior performance warranty.

Your preferred Indian solar provider should make compensation for such a loss of solar energy battery storage. Ensuring warranty coverage for solar panel battery for home or commercial space in first place, thus, is a priority.  

It becomes crucial to let the best solar energy company serve you, and provide you with the best solar battery in India for enhanced customer satisfaction. The experts of domain adhere to best ethics and principles for building credibility in the customers.

The malfunctioning of specific features or manufacturing flaws that might be interfering with the solar plant’s general operation are covered by manufacturer/product warranties. This typically provides 10–12 years of protection and may be claimed if:

  • Installation mistakes resulting in faulty connectors or loose parts, including damaged components like the cells, back sheet, frame faults, etc.
  • Stains, rust, scratches from foreign objects, and other obvious signs of wear and tear on the panels may be reducing the plant’s efficiency.


In these situations, the company will either repair the solar panels and replace the inefficient parts with new panels or reimburse the depreciated cost. It’s crucial to remember that the warranty might not apply if there has been obvious tamperings with the plant, such as the use of poisonous chemicals that cause degradation, accidental physical damage, moving the plant without assistance, or other similar blunders.

All the required inputs regarding the warranty should be obtained from the solar manufacturing company before installation.

Click here to see the FAQs page to find out more about INA Solar’s warranties and to get the answers to other similar queries.

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What You Should Know About Solar Warranties

What You Should Know About Solar Warranties

Solar power projects are viewed as investments, thus the consumer…

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