5 Ways Solar Street Lights Can Bring Benefits To Communities
5 Ways Solar Street Lights Can Bring Benefits To Communities

5 Ways Solar Street Lights Can Bring Benefits To Communities

The use of solar energy is increasing by leaps and bounds across the globe, especially in tropical countries where sunlight is available almost around the year. Be it a commercial venture or domestic requirements, people are making the most of solar energy in almost all walks of life. Street lights produced and installed by the leading solar street lights manufacturers in India are the common source of illuminating roads, streets, and even highways across the country these days. Using solar light fixtures offers a large number of incredible advantages. This blog attempts to shed light on them in detail. But, before we go deeper into solar light advantages, let’s take a closer look at what these lights actually are.

What are solar streetlights?

Solar streetlights are just like conventional street lights but the only difference is that they are powered by sunlight. Solar lights make use of solar panels that utilize sunlight as an optional source of energy. Solar panels made and supplied by the top solar power plant manufacturers in India can be installed easily on the pole or any other unconventional lighting structure. These panels are equipped with rechargeable batteries that get charged during the daytime and power up the street lights at night. Powered by in-built batteries, solar street lights are appreciated across the globe for a large number of advanced features and benefits. Some of them are discussed below in detail:

  • The best possible green alternative to conventional lighting

When it comes to the conventional lighting method, people completely depend upon the energy generated mostly from non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels. When there are blackouts, people are deprived of electricity to serve various purposes. But when it comes to sunlight, it is a renewable source and is easily available everywhere. Sunlight is considered to be the most significant source of renewable energy the world over. This is the reason solar street lights equipped with rechargeable batteries are the best possible green alternative to conventional lighting. These lights work effectively and efficiently even when sunlight is not available. It is because the in-built battery system powers them up even in the absence of sunlight. 

  • Cost-effective 

 When it comes to capital, operational, and maintenance costs, solar street lights are considered to be the most effective ones. As these lights make use of sunlight as their primary energy source, there are no hassles with monthly energy bills. The upfront cost might seem to be a little more than conventional lighting, but in the long run, these lights prove to be very cost-effective. These lights depend upon no utility grid and are wireless in their mechanism. 

Therefore, no operational costs are incurred during the installation of these lights. Since these lights call for no manual intervention after the installation, a lot of money is saved on maintenance. All things considered, solar street lights are the best source of illumination throughout the night even when there are very harsh and hostile weather conditions around, with complete blackout from the national grid.     

  • No weak points like interdependency 

Conventional electricity grids across the globe make use of a very high level of interdependency. It simply means if there is any fault or flaw in the line at any particular area or point, a large number of connected cables and wires will also get drastically affected leaving people powerless. But when it comes to solar street lights, there are no such concerns at all. Each solar light acts as an independent unit and it has nothing to do with what happens in its neighborhood. In case any flaw occurs in a particular unit, you need to check and fix only a single unit.  

  • Safe and durable

The conventional street light framework might have so many safety hazards associated with the aging wire and cables, the degrading quality of the construction materials used, and power supply disorders. During the rainy season, a large number of horrible incidents are reported about the untimely death of so many people due to the current flow in the pole on which conventional lights are mounted. On the contrary, solar street lights operate on an alternating current and that’s why they create no safety hazards at all. 

Most of the reputed solar panels and module manufacturers in India are now producing more sophisticated solar energy solutions that offer stable performance for years. With the manufacturing technology getting mature with each passing day, the solar modules manufactured and supplied by the top solar power plant suppliers in the country are capable of generating electricity for at least 25 years or even more. 

  • Solar streetlights are maintenance-free

Maintenance is one of the most worrisome aspects associated with conventional street lights. You can find the countless number of street lights across cities and even semi-urban areas in an inactive state just because of the lack of maintenance. On the contrary, solar streetlights have such a mechanism that calls for almost no maintenance. These lights make use of photocells that substantially bring down the maintenance requirements. 

During the daytime, the automatic controller puts the fixture in off mode, and when the panel during dark hours doesn’t produce any charge, the fixtures get automatically turned on. The in-built batteries in the solar street lights come up to 7 years of durability offering additional peace of mind. The mechanism of these lights is such that rainwater and storm take care of their cleanliness, and the shape makes them maintenance-free. 

Concluding Remarks 

In a time and age where conventional electricity is getting costlier with each passing year and fossil fuels are ending, solar street lights can play a great role not only in illuminating the desired areas but also in conserving the environment. Apart from meeting the lighting needs, these lights can also transform the look and feel of a city, town, or even a village. The upfront cost might seem to be a little bit more than traditional lights, but in the long run, solar street lights can prove to be a significant investment.  

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