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Insolation Energy

Comprehensive Solar Solutions

Insolation Energy's proficient and committed EPC team guides each solar plant undertaking from initial concept through commissioning, ensuring seamless operation and maintenance over the plant's entire lifecycle.



Engineering Expertise

Our world-class engineering and technical personnel design reliable solar projects, leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Advanced simulation tools aid in creating state-of-the-art designs adhering to global standards for solar plant installations of all kinds.


Premium Procurement

Insolation Energy's adept technical analysts meticulously procure equipment from premier suppliers to maximize uninterrupted performance. We prioritize quality, sourcing certified, high-grade products from authorized vendors through rigorous vetting. Each component undergoes thorough scrutiny, guaranteeing serviceability and warranty coverage.


Construction Prowess

Our dynamic execution approach upholds stringent quality benchmarks throughout the project lifecycle. Dedicated installation crews, seasoned in global deployments, consistently deliver projects on schedule while maintaining exemplary field quality. Comprehensive post-commissioning services ensure long-term support.


Why Residential

With the government creating an impetus for solar power through several initiatives, India is poised for a renewable energy revolution. Rising electricity costs and irregular supply are prompting many households to opt for solar-driven domestic low-carbon alternatives. Going solar creates energy independence, and long-term savings and augments home resale value while protecting the environment.

Why Us

Insolation Energy Ltd is committed to making solar energy accessible to more and more homes. We are one of the country’s most trusted brands with a pan-India presence.

What We Offer

Go with INA’s end-to-end solutions for individual households and forget your electricity woes. Cost-effective, highly efficient, and reliable, our solar modules, panels, and packs are easy to install and require low maintenance. Our Off grid, on grid, and Hybrid solar solutions ensure an uninterrupted and eco-friendly power supply enabling you to save and even earn from your unutilized rooftop space.

Why Commercial

If solar installations work for homes, they work even better for commercial establishments. A shop in a remote mountainous terrain can rely on its own rooftop solar to power its business. Hotels, malls, market complexes, or institutions like schools, hospitals, and others with a larger rooftop area can easily go green collectively by implementing large-scale solar power solutions to reduce their electricity costs and carbon footprint.

Why Us

With a countrywide presence, and tested and reliable technology, Insolation Energy Ltd is a partner of choice for our commercial and institutional customers. We have successfully implemented several sustainable solar power solutions for commercial establishments of various sizes.

What We Offer

We offer Offgrid, Ongrid, and Hybrid solar solutions that can be easily customized to suit the requirements and space availability at a commercial establishment or an institution. Our products are affordable and low-maintenance besides being easily scalable and ungradable.

Why Industrial

Sustainability is the key to business success today. Responsible enterprises are increasingly opting for solar power to offset both their environmental impact and energy costs. Solar energy offers a great return on investment by simply using your facility’s large rooftop space.

Why Us

An industry leader in the solar sector, INA constantly upgrades its technologies and delivers world-class products and sustainable energy solutions that are easily customizable to suit the requirements of your industry and your facility.

What We Offer

A leading Solar EPC company, we offer globally accepted technologies that meet all required international and BIS standards. We design and deliver easily scalable solar products ranging from a few Kilowatts to Megawatts that fulfill your company’s green commitments and create energy independence.

Why Agricultural

Individual farmers, agricultural businesses, or community groups can set up solar farms or parks covering small landholdings or sprawling acres of idle farmland. They generate clean green electricity to locally meet the farmer’s household and agri-related energy needs and create an additional source of income by supplying to the grid. Solar farmers are already reaping the financial benefits of this technology.

Why Us

Insolation Energy Ltd provides reliable solutions for setting up solar farms on agricultural buildings and unproductive land. Our frame-mounted Solar PV Module configurations are easily upgradable and scalable.

What We Offer

With low maintenance and servicing costs, INA’s PV installations are ideally suited for remote farm building roofs or the ground. Our experts work closely with solar farmers to design and install long-lasting solar power systems customized to suit diverse terrain, budgets, and requirements.


Our Supply and Installations

Insolation Energy has supplied over 250 MW of solar modules to leading developers, integrators, EPCs, and OEMs. Our solar PV modules have performed well across diverse weather conditions from deserts to cold mountains and are appreciated for quality and performance in on-grid and off-grid applications.


5 MW




2.3 MW


700 kw Commercial Roof Top

DMRC –Delhi & Faridabad

425 kw

Raj. State Domestic Rooftop Under RREC Scheme

2 MW

Rooftop & Ground Mounted Projects

  • Notable Projects Include a 5 MW Plant in Bhilwara
  • 2.3 MW in Ujjain
  • 700 KW Commercial Roof Top Bhilwara
  • 1 MW in Bhadla
  • 2 MW Under Rajasthan's RREC domestic RoofTop Scheme
  • 425 kW For DMRC in Delhi and Faridabad

Other Projects

  • 700 kW Commercial RoofTop in Bhilwara
  • 130 kW For Our Factory
  • 100 kW Plants in Kishangarh and Orai
  • 70 kW in Noida
  • 45 kW For Kanhaiya Wire in Bagru
  • 25 kW Hospital in Banswara
  • And Multiple 100+ kW RoofTop Systems For Companies in Bhilwara including JPL Industries, Sona Processors, Vimal Platinum and Ranjan Fabrics.

Prestigious Clients & Installation

  • Total
    507 MW
  • Solar

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  • Solar

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