Solar-Powered Cars: The Vehicles that Belong to Future
Solar-Powered Cars The Vehicles that Belong to Future

Solar-Powered Cars: The Vehicles that Belong to Future

India’s solar cell manufacturing has created a strong track record over the past few years, and now the country is all set to witness a large number of mega solar battery production facilities. The country over the past few years has emerged as a vast solar battery storage market with the increasing penetration of solar energy in the grid along with a never-before surge of electric mobility. 


The country is aiming to achieve a solar energy capacity of 450 GW by the end of the year 2030. Apart from this, the country also aims at achieving the goal of 30% of total electric vehicles by 2030. Industry experts are of the view that the Indian storage battery market is likely to reach around 190 GWh yearly by the end of 2030 keeping in view the demand for solar batteries from the high-growth industry verticals such as consumer electronics, electric vehicles, telecom, and power. This blog takes a comprehensive look at the benefits of solar-powered vehicles.


Excessive carbon emissions: taking a toll across the globe


Excessive carbon emissions have already started taking their toll across the globe, and this has triggered the need for alternative fuels. Researchers worldwide are working on this with a never-before gravity to come up with green fuels that are not harmful to the planet. Needless to say, alternate clean energy is one of the most significant aspects associated with the upcoming future. Around the globe, solar power is being tried and tested as one of the most dependable and sustainable energy sources. Consequently, a solar car can be the most future-friendly vehicle as part of technological advancement. The world today is harnessing the power of sunlight to create electricity, and experts now trying hard to use it for fueling cars.    

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Solar cars: a concise overview 


A solar car is a vehicle that runs on power generated by harnessing the power of sunlight. This power is called renewable energy which is produced through the conversion of solar power into usable energy. Solar cars are a great invention combining the laws of motion, aerodynamics, and clean energy. The end product of all these is a high utility vehicle that causes almost no damage to the environment. Apart from this, it also saves a lot on monetary expenses. What converts solar power into usable energy are highly innovative solar panels with built-in photovoltaic cells manufactured and supplied by the best solar company in India. Hence, solar cars can make use of these high-performance batteries as a clean fuel source. 



Tracking the key distinctions between a standard and solar car


All the standard cars are equipped with an Internal Combustion Engine that acts as an operating force in the vehicle. Internal Combustion Engine makes use of conventional fuels including Petrol, Diesel, and Gasoline to generate the energy that a standard car calls for the required movement. The heat generated as a result of burning these fuels helps the engine piston to make the required movement and thus the vehicle runs. 


However, all these conventional fossil fuels create a huge amount of carbon compound gases that primarily include Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxide causing great irreversible damage to the environment. These gas remnants and a large number of other micro pollutants in these fossil fuels are the root cause of the ever-growing air pollution across the globe.  


On the other hand, a car powered by solar energy relies entirely upon photovoltaic cells which absorb the sunlight and then convert it into usable energy. Since Photovoltaic cells do not work on the principle of thermal energy, they bypass the original principle while converting solar energy to usable electricity directly. This is the reason we can easily store the converted electricity in high-performance batteries to fuel the engine of a car.  



Working principle of a solar car


Solar cars come with solar panels that are custom-created for mounting on the upper external surface of the cars. They are made to be mounted in such a way that they can receive maximum sunlight the whole day. As usual, the photovoltaic cells on the solar panels are made up of Silicon along with a unique alloy combination of Nitrogen, Galium, and Indium gas. The natural retentive properties of these elements absorb the energy from solar rays. The energy retained this way gets released as free-moving electrons into the designated storage sections which are popularly called batteries. 


These batteries are capable of converting these free-moving electrons into readily usable energy to fuel the engine of the vehicle. One of the most astonishing aspects of these batteries is that they can be used repeatedly for years to power the vehicle. As far as their recharging is concerned, that can be done using sun rays effortlessly through a well-built mechanism. As per the current status, solar-powered cars can cover distances of 60 to 90 KMS on a single complete charge. Another best part of solar-powered cars is that they can keep charging their batteries even when they are parked idle under sun rays. 


Since solar-powered cars are equipped with electric motors, they create no harmful emissions. They are ideal commutation solutions for all individuals who want to enjoy their daily drives without causing any harm to the planet while saving a lot on fuel costs. The researchers and scientific community around the globe is striving hard for increasing their capacity for charging, increasing their overall efficiency, and making them more powerful and sophisticated so that the cars can cover even longer distances. 


Concluding Remarks 


Insolation Energy Ltd. (INA) is the best solar company in India. It was founded in October 2015 in Jaipur (Rajasthan) India. As a national solar energy provider, the company has set up a world-class automatic solar PV module production plant in Jaipur. Some of the top projects by Insolation Energy Ltd. (INA) include MES Bhilwara 5 MW, Ujjain 2.3 MW, Bhadla 1MW, 700 kW Commercial Roof Top Bhilwara, and 425 kW DMRC –Delhi & Faridabad.

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