3 Things To Look For In The Solar Power Plant Warranty Policy
3 Things To Look For In The Solar Power Plant Warranty Policy

3 Things To Look For In The Solar Power Plant Warranty Policy

The solar power plant is a long-term investment, therefore, it is vital to know what services their investment will cover. One of the most significant things you have to watch out for when buying a solar plant system is the offered warranties. You need to understand how solar PV module warranties work when you are purchasing a solar system that is designed to last 30 years or more, so you can separate the insignificant promises from the genuine guarantees. 

Solar panel warranties reduce the risk of faulty equipment, breakdowns, or poor performance that may occur. Fortunately, problems with solar panels are statistically rare. However, it is always beneficial to have documented assurances on your side to help you understand the long-term financial impact of solar ownership.

Finding the Right Warranty for Your Solar Power Plant Installation

When researching solar system options, you’ll probably come across a wide variety of warranties with different kinds of coverage and term lengths, plus a lot of fine print that could lead to confusion as to what is covered and what is not. In addition, depending on the solar panel manufacturing Company, warranty definitions can vary significantly. So let’s take a closer look at the warranty that might come with your solar panel system.

Solar Panel Product Warranty

This type of warranty covers any defects in materials or quality. So if a solar panel abruptly stops working after a few months or days because of a fault in a solder joint or any other reason, your product warranty will most likely cover it.

Solar Panel Power Warranty

Over time, the power output of all solar power plants degrades or deteriorates. Knowing solar panel degradation rate will provide you a clear sense of the minimum amount of power you’ll be guaranteed for the first 5, 10, and 25 years of your solar PV module’s lifespan. Thus, if the power of a module is lower than that promised, the solar manufacturer will replace, repair, or compensate according to the warranty conditions.

Combined Power And Product Warranty

Many solar module manufacturers in India offer power and product warranties that provide coverage for different amounts of time. Various others offer both warranties for the same period. However, for many solar manufacturer companies, only their product warranty covers failure due to product defects, and their power warranty doesn’t mention defects at all. 

So make sure to do a side-by-side solar warranty comparison, considering how the power and product sections are expressed. For example, you may think that a power guarantee of the solar panel covers any situation in which its performances or production have been compromised. But always take a closer look. Most solar power companies in India focus solely on their power warranty. 

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It often appears to guarantee a working panel for an even larger span of time than their product. However, many of these power warranties are not supported by their associated product warranties.

Inverter Warranty

The inverter warranty is probably the most basic warranty you will need because this is the component of your solar system that is most likely to fail as they are working day in, day out at high voltage. Reliability can vary and, in some cases, can be challenging to determine when faced with all the different Solar PV suppliers on the market. Be sure your installer positions the inverter correctly with suitable ventilation. Your warranty will be void if it is not installed according to the solar panel manufacturer’s specifications.

Installation Warranty

The installation warranty is also crucial. You need to assess what you will be charged for in a situation of a breakdown. Again, it is the Solar Company’s policy that is important here. Will you have to pay for a service call if one of the components stops working? Does the Company take care of the entire solar panel system if there is any problem?

You will find this warranty can vary significantly between installers. The determining factor can be whether the Company uses its electricians or contractors. The installation warranty also tells a lot about how confident the solar panel company is in the quality of its installation.


Spending a bit of time examining the warranties you have been offered will give you a good insight into how different solar power companies in India operate. It’s always a good idea to work with the best solar panel company like Insolation Energy. They can not only help you understand the intricacies of warranties. In addition, they can help you compare and contrast the financial impact of different warranty terms, both short and long term.

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