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Solar PCU is amongst the most critical components of any solar energy system. It is rightly said to be the brain of the solar energy system. Solar PCU is a Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) which uses solar energy and also the power from the grid, to charge the batteries. It facilitates the conversion of direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to produce electricity for usage as well as for storage purpose.

In a solar PCU, solar energy is taken as a priority, and the power from the main unit is used only when solar energy is not present. Solar PCUs are designed to achieve maximum benefits from sunlight and hence reduce energy costs.


Technical Specifications

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Product brief

High-Quality Solar PCU

Our Solar PCU systems are designed to the highest quality standards, reliability, and performance. Our research and development efforts help us in being ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving solar technology space. 

Insolation Energy manufactures highest quality Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)
Quality Control system of Insolation Energy to manufacture highly efficient solar products

Quality Control Systems

All raw materials of Solar PCU are inspected as per the Quality parameters of Insolation energy which is carried out in 3 sections: – Incoming Quality Inspection (IQC) – In-process Quality Inspection (IPQC) -Final Quality Inspection (FQA)

Machine Validation

A power conditioning unit converts, controls, or processes DC power produced by a PV array to make the power compatible with other equipment or loads. A charge controller is a device that regulates battery charge by controlling the charging voltage and current from a DC power source, such as a PV array.

solar machine validation by Insolation Energy


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