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Solar PCU is amongst the most critical components of any solar energy system. It is rightly said to be the brain of the solar energy system. Solar PCU is a Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) which uses solar energy and also the power from the grid, to charge the batteries. It facilitates the conversion of direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to produce electricity for usage as well as for storage purpose.

In a solar PCU, solar energy is taken as a priority, and the power from the main unit is used only when solar energy is not present. Solar PCUs are designed to achieve maximum benefits from sunlight and hence reduce energy costs.


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High-Quality Solar PCU

Our Solar PCU systems are designed to the highest quality standards, reliability, and performance. Our research and development efforts help us in being ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving solar technology space. 

Insolation Energy manufactures highest quality Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)
Quality Control system of Insolation Energy to manufacture highly efficient solar products

Quality Control Systems

All raw materials of Solar PCU are inspected as per the Quality parameters of Insolation energy which is carried out in 3 sections: – Incoming Quality Inspection (IQC) – In-process Quality Inspection (IPQC) -Final Quality Inspection (FQA)

Machine Validation

A power conditioning unit converts, controls, or processes DC power produced by a PV array to make the power compatible with other equipment or loads. A charge controller is a device that regulates battery charge by controlling the charging voltage and current from a DC power source, such as a PV array.

solar machine validation by Insolation Energy


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As a solar PCU manufacturer in India, INA finds itself accountable for delivering high-capacity energy solutions to customers. Our solar PCU inverter is useful during an electricity outage. Thus, you get to spend your entire day without suffering from the pitfalls occurring due to power cuts. Our Power Conditioning Unit helps you save on your monthly electricity bills. Our PCU system comes with an interchangeable charging selection that includes Grid Charging and Solar Charging. It gives the freedom to our customers for choosing a mode that is based upon their requirements. Besides, it offers maximum energy output utilizing an off-grid system.

Insolation Energy gives you a unique battery selection supporting flat, tubular, and VRLA types. Thus, a client is free to choose the battery type at their convenience. For making it to the top solar inverter manufacturers in India, INA has ensured to clear all necessary quality tests. By adhering to the set standards for production, we ensure to deliver solar PCUs that perform par excellence. Realizing the abundance of sunlight that reaches our tropical subcontinent, INA makes sure that our solar PCUs derive maximum energy during daylight.

INA develops an array of solar PCUs that are suitable for use in residential as well as commercial places. Along with a solar charge controller, our solar PCUs become efficient in supporting maximum power utilization from solar panels. Being on the list of the top 10 solar inverter manufacturers in India, INA takes pride in its range of solar products that enhances power backup systems for Indian households and commercial premises. 


A solar PCU is, basically, a Power Conditioning Unit. It differs in the way it functions. SPCU uses solar energy for charging the batteries. The system utilizes a solar charge controller, a grid charger, and an inverter. What it does is that it can charge the batteries using solar energy or a DG set.

The Power Conditioning Unit functions smartly by monitoring solar power output, the load taken by a battery, and the state of voltage. If the voltage of the battery slips below a certain limit then the SPCU will transfer the power load to the DG unit. However, the prime option will be solar energy for an SPCU.  

A solar inverter helps in converting direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) for providing electricity during the power-cuts. The inverter batteries are charged by the sunlight during the daytime. When solar power is not available, the solar PCU uses power grids or solar energy for charging the batteries that help provide electricity during power cuts. 

In a solar PCU, battery charging takes place during the day, majorly. An SPCU can select, smartly, the power supply that helps in saving a lot of money on energy bills. It is done by energy saver mode that could be selected by the user.  

The Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) has the main function of conditioning the power that is provided by main energy sources. The main sources are batteries and solar energy systems. The harnessed energy is, thus, provided to power the electrical appliances and to help them to run smoothly.

PCU is an important component of the solar energy system. It converts the direct current i.e. offered by the PV modules into alternating current. PCU comes with a selectable energy setup that gives priority to solar energy for charging the batteries. PCU is a smart option to protect users from the electrical issues that occur due to power cuts.  

As the name suggests, a hybrid solar inverter amalgamates the features of off-grid as well as on-grid solar power inverters. Although the way of transferring the power by hybrid inverters are same as the string solar inverters, the battery support makes them different from the same. There is an in-built battery connection that supports the storage of energy for use, later. During power cuts, the hybrid solar inverters are supported by the battery supply, which enables their operation without the power grids.

Therefore, solar power inverters offer enhanced efficiency. Solar inverters, also, offer to transfer excess energy to the grids.

The price of an SPCU (Solar Power Conditioning Unit) depends on the manufacturer, power capacity, and add-on features. However, the average starting cost for an SPCU is INR 7000 to INR 10,000.

Using the conversion of DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current), SPCU facilitates the provision of energy for usage along with storage. Therefore, the electrical equipment of your space will keep functioning during the power cuts.   

For making sure that you want to buy the solar panel at the best price, you can consider buying from a domestic manufacturer. However, ensure that you do not compromise on the quality when you want to buy the best.

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