Solar Panels in India – Cost & Installation Requirements
Solar Panels in India - Cost & Installation Requirements

Solar Panels in India – Cost & Installation Requirements

India is one of the leading solar energy producers globally due to its ideal geographical location. However, it was not economically viable for most Indians to take advantage. But because of a significant drop in solar panel prices in India in the past few years combined with substantial policy-level implementations by the Government in India, Solar Panels looks quite lucrative now. 

So, if you are looking to reduce your electricity bill, solar panels today are the best way to go. Despite the fact the initial investment might seem high, it will ultimately save you a lot of money. The prices of various solar panels generally depend on the material they are made of, the features and functions they are equipped with, the power consumption, etc. 

To better understand the installation process and solar panel cost from any best solar panel company in India, we need to get some insights first.

What Is A Solar Panel System?

A solar panel system can be classified into two major types based on your requirements and location.

  1. Solar Panel with Battery (Off-Grid Solar System)
  2. Solar Panel without Battery (On-Grid Solar System)

A solar panel system consists of four key components:

Solar Panel

It is the board-type structure with grids that you generally see on rooftops. It is the main component that converts the sun’s energy into electricity.

Solar Inverter – 

Converts the Direct Current (DC) generated by the panel into Alternating Current (AC).

Solar Battery – 

Solar battery stores the energy produced from the sun and uses it when the grid turns off.

Panel Stand

A basic metal structure made of galvanized iron. It holds the panels firm at a certain angle and safeguards them from getting blown away by the wind.

What Are The Key Installation Accessories For Solar Panels?

There are several accessories required for a solar panel installation.

  1. DC Wire – A PVC coated wire with configurations –  less than 3kW and a Cable Tray of 3kW and above.
  1. AC Wire – Connects the Inverter with grid power and home load.
  1. DCDB – Protects the solar panels from the DC side and can be positioned with an off-grid solar inverter or a grid-tie solar inverter.
  2. ACDB – Takes care of the AC side and is used with a grid-tie solar inverter.
  1. MC4 Connectors – Required to connect DC wire with the panels. It is the most crucial component among these accessories.
  1. Lightning Arrester (LA) – Protects the solar panels and connected appliances from lightning. You can use it with both off-grid and grid-tie solar inverters.
  1. Earthing Kit
  • 1kW to 3kW: Done with two earthing. One is for Inverter, and the second one is for LA.
  • Above 3kW: Supported by three earthing. Here, the extra one is for solar PV modules.

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5 Factors Affecting the Cost of Solar Panels

There are so many different factors that affect the price of solar panels in India

Household Electrical Demand:

This is the essential factor determining the price of a solar panel since it can be controlled by yourself. Based on your electrical demand, you can look for a suitable solar panel from a solar company in India like Insolation Energy that meets your household’s energy requirements.

Rooftop Assessment:

Here is yet another crucial factor to consider when it comes to buying a solar panel. The space available on the rooftop will determine the type of solar panel you can install and its estimated price. 

Choice Of Solar Panels:

There are mainly two types of rooftop solar panels popular in India – monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. The type of solar panel you purchase will determine the solar panel price per watt. Therefore, to choose the right solar panel, you need to keep your mind open and do adequate research to decide.

Solar Panel Mounting Hardware: 

The mounting hardware and its cost are other critical factors that determine the price of a solar panel. The mounting hardware is used to fix the panels to the roof and even connect one panel to the adjacent one. Selecting the mounting hardware is something that is totally up to the solar panel manufacturing company.

Power Inverter: 

The total cost of the solar panel system is also determined by the brand and model of the power inverter unit. It converts the DC electricity, which is generated by the solar panels, to AC. The power inverter also connects the solar panels and the utility grid. 


Investing in a solar panel is the most sensible financial decision you can take to save your electricity bill along with protecting the environment. You might not be satisfied with the initial expenditure required for made in India solar panels, but eventually, you will realize how much money it saves for you. 

It is advised that you always contact the best solar panel company, Insolation Energy, for the best solar panels in India. For the reason that, if the initial solar panel installation is done correctly, it can improve its lifespan to enjoy long-term benefits. 

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