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What Is Solar Panel Degradation Rate And Why Is It Important?

Lots of things improve with age, but the same cannot be said for solar power equipment you invest in. Over time, solar plant system loses their ability to absorb sunlight and convert it into solar energy because of hot weather and the natural reduction in chemical potency within the panel. This is referred to as the “Degradation Rate.”

When you invest in a solar power plant, you need to consider various essential characteristics to ensure the reliability of your project. The lower the degradation rate, the better the solar power panel. When a solar panel has a lower degradation rate, it will generate more energy over its lifetime.

Degradation rates vary from brand to brand; Higher grade solar panel systems have a lower degradation rate than lower-grade panels. Therefore, it is crucial to consider when making a solar panel comparison since spending more money on higher-quality panels might make more sense. So, let’s dig further to find out what solar panel degradation is and how it affects solar products in India.

What is Solar Panel Degradation Rate?

All solar panels gradually degrade over time, which means they will generate less energy from the same amount of sunlight. Solar panels mainly degrade because of regular deterioration from exposure to UV rays and adverse weather conditions. The degradation rate is involved in a solar panel’s performance warranty.

So how and why does this happen? A variety of external factors wear down on the solar panels and harm their ability to generate electricity. One of the reasons that solar panel degradation occurs is These tiny cracks cause electrical connections to deteriorate, meaning fewer paths for those electrons from the sun to take. Thus less energy reaches your inverter and into your home, office, or building. Other such problems are junction box adhesion faults and discoloration.

There are various reasons why the best solar panels in India can go wrong due to several factors, and it is challenging to solve. However, solar panel manufacturing companies are continuously evolving and developing various ways and techniques to decrease that degradation rate so your made in India solar panel can maintain its power output.

Causes Of Solar Panel Degradation And How To Keep It Low

Generally, solar panels are highly durable and built to resist high winds and heavy snow loads. However, always consider the best solar panel system from a renowned solar company in India, such as Insolation Energy. Ensuring it is well-maintained leads to a lower degradation rate each year and higher long-term production.

To maintain and extend the life of your solar plant system, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Work with the best solar panel company like Insolation Energy that offers routine maintenance checks. Maintenance checks can inform you of any quality degradation in the solar panels, any issues with the racking attached to the roof, and whether the inverter is hooked up correctly or not. In addition, making sure the solar panels are installed efficiently will help the solar panels perform at their best.
  • Always keep your solar panels clean by washing them with water. Dust or sand can cause microcracks and scratches on the solar panel if left on for too long. In addition, these cracks can multiply and break the solar power panel.
  • Remove any debris like fallen tree branches and snow loads. Fallen branches or storms can cause even more damage than dust or sand because they put more pressure on the solar panel. Falling branches can completely break the panels, but even small branches left on the panels can cause scratches and apply extra weight if they crash directly into them.
  • If snow remains on the panels, it can freeze and cause microcracks due to the extreme cold. Therefore, it is best to remove all debris from the panels to remove excess pressure and reduce microcrack risk.

Following these steps will lessen any strain on the solar panels, ensuring that your solar panels last as long as possible. Maintenance will also alert you to any starting problems that the warranty may cover. If you notice anything about your solar panels, contact your solar panel manufacturing company to obtain the necessary replacement parts for your system to function correctly. Finally, keeping your solar panels clean will help them last longer and absorb more sunlight.

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Working with reputable solar panel manufacturers in India, such as Insolation Energy, will go a long way in ensuring that your made-in-India solar panels are high quality and covered under warranty. Installing the best solar panels in India and other project modules can mitigate potential degradation chances. Using trusted solar products and installing them with care will ensure a solar plant system will perform at its best.

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