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Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controllers that Guarantee Better Battery Life

All solar users understand that Solar Charge Controllers are essential if your PV solar array feeds a battery bank. INA’s solar charge controllers efficiently regulate the current generated by our solar panels or that coming from the grid. They effectively safeguard the battery from overcharging and damage from electrical surges that can affect its lifespan.

Quality that Determines Longevity

Our Solar Charge Controllers undergo rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to properly regulate the current flow to the storage batteries.

Switch and Indication Details

Charging LED

This indication shows the Battery Charging Status

Fault LED

This indication shows the overload faults like Low Solar current or Load current.

Solar Input

This connector is used for solar connection. Solar Panel max 150W for 12V & 300watt for 24V can be used.

Battery Input

This connector is used for battery connection.


These terminals are used for connection DC Load like DC Fan, DC LED LAMP etc. (Before connecting the load, check the battery voltage because the load voltage is same as the battery voltage. This load output will be off if any fault condition occurs.)

Fault LED

This indication shows the faults of reverse connection.


Shorting jumper inside to enable the function.

Switch and Indication Details

Parameters 122410-ECO
System voltage 12/24V
Boost Voltage 14.1V±0.2V
Low Voltage 10.0V±0.2V
Max Solar Input voltage 30V-50V
Charging Current 10Amp ± 0.5Amp
Parameters 122410-ECO
PV Rating Maxn 300W (24V Battery)
Float Voltage 13.6V±0.2V
Max Solar Input voltage 15-25V (12V Battery)
Efficiency ≥97%
Absorption period Up-to 30Min based on battery DOD

LED Indication

Yellow LED steady

Solar Available and charging ON

Yellow LED Blinking

Solar Available and Battery is full charged

Red LED Steady

Battery low, High current charging, Battery Voltage too High

Red LED Blinking

Solar input short or reverse current, Load short circuit

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