Seasonal Variations in Solar Panel Performance
Seasonal Variations in Solar Panel Performance

Seasonal Variations in Solar Panel Performance

Over the past ten years, solar technology has advanced rapidly. Thanks to the solar panel producers in India that have introduced modern and advanced technology, in the domain. Therefore, modern solar panels are more effective than older models.  For businesses and homeowners, zero-cost solar energy is now a possibility thanks to a substantial decline in solar panel prices over the same time period.

Your solar energy provider will guarantee high efficiency, long-term benefits, and significant savings if you decide to establish a solar energy power plant. If you are a commercial or industrial customer using the RESCO model, you do not even need to pay for the solar energy plant because the solar energy provider will install the solar plant at no cost to you all you need to do is pay monthly power rates based on your use and a signed PPA (power purchase agreement). Even with all the benefits, it is only normal for a buyer to want to understand the elements that determine a renewable energy system’s efficiency and how to make an informed choice.

The effectiveness of solar panels varies depending on a number of variables throughout the year. You may, however, make sure that these conditions have no impact on the production of your solar plant by making a few tweaks.

Factors Affecting the Production of Solar Energy


Many people believe that high temperatures result in greater power production. The truth is that solar panels’ efficiency falls by around 0.25% for every degree over 25 °C, reaching a maximum at roughly 25 °C. The voltage between the solar cells drops when they are exposed to too much heat, which lowers their maximum generation capability. Therefore, a 100Wp solar panel will generate electricity equivalent to a 75Wp when the temperature is 45°C in the summer.


We might assume that if any region of your solar panels is shaded at any time during the day, the production will decrease in proportion to that area. But that’s not accurate. The loss of electricity might be much greater. Solar cells are interconnected and connected in a series (inside a panel or even across panels). As a result, the cells that are shaded prevent current from passing across the complete chain of linked cells. Therefore, best solar panel manufacturers in India advise against putting solar panels in locations where there would be significant daytime shade.

Terrace (rooftop) Orientation

Solar panels must be positioned and tilted to get the most amount of direct sunlight throughout the day. Solar panels should ideally be adjusted frequently to guarantee that sunlight falls directly on the surface and you get the most of the daylight hours because the sun’s direction changes continuously from morning to evening. Manually, however, this is not possible. You may use technologies to make your solar panels track the sun.

Solar panel cleanliness

The effectiveness of solar panels is also affected by pollution, precipitation, dust, and sandstorms. Regular cleaning ensures that the solar panel surface is free of debris and produces the most electricity. A minimum monthly cleaning of your solar panels will increase the amount of electricity they produce.

Thus, along with a purchase of the best solar panel in India, upkeep of cleanliness plays a major role in its performance


The local climate and the amount of sunshine each year differ from one part of India to another. Solar insolation, or the quantity of solar energy falling on each cm2/min, is impacted by this. Be sure to take annual solar irradiation into account when purchasing a solar system for your commercial or industrial building.

Awareness is the key to put solar panels to best use for optimum energy production and utilization. As it is not a one day thing, liaising with the best solar company in India will be worthwhile for knowing all the pros and cons of solar panels installation in your area.

Impacts of Storms, Rain, and Cold on Solar Panels

High-quality solar panels are offered by many solar energy wholesalers in India and can endure storms, torrential rain, and other weather conditions for 25 years or longer. The outer layer of glass prevents solar panel surface heating while allowing precipitation and storm particles to easily slide off the panels. Direct lightning damage, however, can harm your solar panels and other system parts because of a sudden voltage surge. Even on overcast, rainy, or rainy days, the solar panels produce electricity at a considerably lower rate than is ideal.

Even though there are less daylight hours in the winter, most parts of India still have more than enough sunlight to generate the ideal amount of electricity. Additionally, you can store electricity generated by solar energy in batteries for usage at night.

Annual Energy Production’s Importance

It’s critical to consider the annual energy production when installing a solar system for your commercial or industrial building. The amount of energy produced varies throughout the year. In comparison to short winter days, solar electricity generation might be twice as great in the summer.

Therefore, rather than considering solar energy output on a single day throughout any season, you should consider it throughout the entire year. Most of the year, your solar panels will be operating at maximum efficiency cutting the cost of your annual energy usage. The annual output, not the daily output, is what makes solar energy a top green energy investment option.

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