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Being a leading manufacturer of solar products in India, Insolation energy produces high-quality Solar PV Modules, Solar PCU, and Solar Batteries to promote sustainable development. Our mission is to enhance renewable energy development and deliver cost-effective solar products made in India. Our unmatched level of technological proficiencies in the solar manufacturing sector has made us industry leaders and helped us to set industry benchmarks from both efficiency and quality perspective.

High Quality Solar Products in India

Our diverse array of solar products is designed to deliver the best experience to our valuable clients. Our product range includes Solar Power Conditioning Units, Solar Batteries, and Solar PV modules. We design and deliver solar panels for home and commercial spaces

Our solar PV modules are known for providing better power capacity, even in low-light conditions. They are manufactured using superior quality raw material that ensures to offer extensive performance warranty. Besides, our PV modules are equipped with enhanced low-light irradiance performance.

Our solar PCUs are designed to augment power capacity with optimum storage. Offering the customers with an option of battery selection, PCUs designed by INA are supported by flat, VRLA, and Tubular battery types.

We design highly-effective solar batteries that are chargeable by solar panels and power grids. To provide leading-edge solar energy solutions, we ensure to develop solar batteries that are high on performance and low on maintenance. Owing to their compact design, they require minimum space for installation.

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At Insolation energy, our manufacturing facility is armed with new-age machines, the latest technology, extremely robust inline process controls activated and controlled by a tailormade PLC system. We take pride in manufacturing high-quality solar products using the latest technology.

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We have passionate and knowledgeable solar panel installers and experts who can help you design and select the best system to suit your requirements.

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Only the finest and high-performing equipment is used in our solar systems so that it will have longevity and dependability for many years to come.

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We’re committed to creating renewable energy more accessible by providing you an easy, affordable, and reliable solar plant systems.

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Whether you’re a homeowner looking to reduce rising energy costs or a business owner aiming to make a difference, book a free solar consultation today.

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Insolation Energy is an all-in-one complete-service solar energy provider. Our team will take care of every single part of your project from initial inquiry to the installations of the system.


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Solar Products from India’s Top Solar Panel Manufacturers

As the leading manufacturer of solar products in India, we ensure that our customers can rely on our services. Thus, incontestable quality remains at the base of every product we design and manufacture in our facility. To minimize the effort of our clients, we have unveiled a gamut of wide-ranging solar products in one place. Thus, there is no need for assemblage. Thus, all your solar energy demands are met at one place, Insolation Energy. We ensure to provide maximum efficiency with each solar product that ensures to nurture as well as foster the demands for green energy, around the nation.

As the latest technology merges in our manufacturing process, the enhanced life of each product is ensured. Shifting to a product range of alternative energy, we ensure that we can contribute at maximum to minimizing the carbon footprint generated in India, annually. Insolation Energy is inclined to inspire the masses for switching to solar energy with its progressive product line. At our solar power plant, we are committed to delivering world-class solar products that succeed on every quality trial. Our products are made in sync with the approved quality and manufacturing standards. Every effort of INA is targeted to provide a risk-free investment for our customers in solar energy products. Let’s pledge to create a better tomorrow for forthcoming generations by powering our lives with solar energy, today.

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