Myths about Solar Panels
Myths about Solar Panels

Myths about Solar Panels

Whenever we discuss anything about the solar panel, there are lots of misconceptions we hear from people. Since solar energy is a renewable source of energy, it becomes equally important to understand its importance and break the myths. The world is going green and people are contributing to the reduction of carbon footprints from the earth. There have been some myths about solar energy that has been passed along and now it’s time that we address them.

Solar Energy Stops Working When there is no Sunlight

In case of an outage, a grid-connected solar power system will lose power. During daytime power outages, buildings that are completely off-the-grid and/or run on hybrid systems will continue to use solar power.

Integrated backup batteries with a grid-tied system can guarantee 100% uptime. When you install backup batteries, you will have a power supply even in the event of an outage. A battery stores solar power produced by solar panels in off-grid, off-the-grid, and hybrid systems.

Warmer Climates are better for Solar Power Generation

A solar panel harnesses the light of the sun, not its heat. Solar panels are less efficient at high temperatures. It is also important to note that solar panels do not completely shut off during cloudy or rainy weather. Their efficiency remains at 50%. In addition, excess energy generated during the summer months can be converted into energy credits or money to be utilized during times when solar energy production is low.

Most Indians Cannot Afford the Solar System

There is a common perception that switching to solar is only for wealthy people and is a luxury. This is a pure myth. The best solar panel company in India ensures that their customers are getting high-quality solar panels at the best pricing. If you are purchasing the solar plant from a solar cell manufacturing company in India then you can get an easy loan and financing options. The government also provides subsidies and has made solar a feasible option for property owners. You can avail of incentives based on solar energy generation.

Solar Panel Damages the Roof

A solar panel actually preserves and protects the roof from external factors, such as birds and weather. There is no threat to the roof of the house from the panels themselves since they are not heavy or large enough to cause damage. Solar installers are also trained to fit solar panels according to roof conditions in order to provide the best fit in terms of utility and aesthetics. 

You Can’t Run Heavy Appliances

Yes, you can! A solar panel company can help you calculate your daily energy needs and determine how many solar panels you will need to meet those needs. The energy provided by 1 kW (3 solar panels) per day is approximately 4 units. In Delhi, a typical 3-4 BHK house needs about 12-15 solar panels to support its daily energy requirements.

Manufacturing Solar Panel Requires more Energy than it saves

Embodied energy refers to the amount of energy required for the processes of extracting, refining, transporting, and manufacturing a product. The embodied energy of solar panels typically is repaid within three to four years according to a few older studies. Over the last few years, panel efficiency and manufacturing processes have improved significantly, resulting in a reduction in the amount of time required to make up for embodied energy.

The embodied energy of a solar panel will easily be repaid and thousands of tons of emissions will be offset in its lifetime, given that it produces energy efficiently for 20-25 years. 



If you are looking for the best solar panel company in India then always look for the one that has all the required government approvals. One of the biggest myths which are prevailing is that solar panels are being imported from China. Insolation Energy is one of the leading Solar cell manufacturing company in India that is manufacturing and assembling solar panels in India only.

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