How Solar Power is helping to reduce Carbon Footprint
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How Solar Power is helping to reduce Carbon Footprint

If we talk about solar energy generation, it is harmless, reusable and one of the most sorted sources of energy. In India, over the past ten years, solar manufacturing is rapidly rising because of the rising demands from individuals as well as industries. If you are looking for a solar power company that can suffice your end-to-end solar requirements, always ensure that you are buying from a company that is affiliated with the Government of India because the government provides subsidies on the purchase of solar panels/plants.

When comes to solar power, is more advantageous in comparison to other renewable sources of energy. Let’s go ahead and discuss the same.

Use Less Water

In comparison to the Nuclear Energy plant, the solar power plant uses no or less water. According to Nuclear Energy Institute, per megawatt-hour, a nuclear power reactor consumes between 1,514 and 2,725 liters of water. There is hardly any scope of water usage in the case of the solar panel. In the case of the solar panel, the amount of water required to clean a single solar panel is 3-5 liters per panel in normal areas and 7-8 liters in arid areas.

No Residue

Unlike thermal power plants, solar plants don’t leave any residue which is a complete waste. Solar panels are simple panels made up of silicon and they can last for 25 years with time to time maintenance. In the case of a Nuclear Energy Plant, the used water sometimes becomes a threat to the environment as it passes through multiple layers of nuclear energy.

No Fossil Fuel Usage 

The best thing about the solar power plant is that it doesn’t use any kind of fossil fuels that harms the environment. Since the world is going green and every country is progressing toward clean and green renewable sources of energy, solar energy becomes an inseparable part of the energy. India is projecting toward the hundred percent electric car segment which will shift our dependency on fossil fuels to cleaner electric energy.

Contributing Towards a Better Environment

The air conditioners we use every day contribute to the release of carbon dioxide in the environment which is depleting the ozone layer. The ozone layer of the earth saves us from the UV rays that directly cause skin cancer. Even if fossil fuel-generated electricity is convenient, it becomes disastrous for the environment. With the help of solar energy, you are investing in a green and clean renewable energy source which becomes beneficial for the environment. Solar power is completely clean and it doesn’t cause air, water, noise pollution, or emit greenhouse gases. With the help of solar energy, there is a reduction of finite resources.


Solar energy doesn’t emit toxic gases or contaminants into the air. These contaminants can become damaging to the environment and to human beings. Toxic substances acidify the land and the water ecosystem and it also corrodes buildings and steel. Air contaminants are known for triggering heart disease, cancer, and respiratory diseases like asthma. Solar energy doesn’t generate any waste or contaminated water. It becomes important to fulfill the scarcity of water. Unlike fossil fuels and nuclear power plants, wind energy is also known for lowering water consumption, which makes it a key resource for reducing the carbon footprint and conserving resources.



India is witnessing rapid growth in solar manufacturing and a registered solar power company can provide you with the best-in-class solar panels for your energy generation. Nowadays, solar energy has become an urgent requirement because it is cost and environment-saving.

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