Factors that Determine the Prices of Solar Inverters
Factors that Determine the Prices of Solar Inverters

Factors that Determine the Prices of Solar Inverters

The infinite energy that the sun provides us every day is much more than the entire world needs to meet its everyday energy requirements right from domestic to industrial applications. What’s amazing about solar energy is that it does not damage the planet in any way just like fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and kerosene oil. And, this source of energy is never going to end in the coming thousands of years. All that we need to harness this energy is the paraphernalia like solar PV module manufactured and supplied by the leading solar power company in India

With the rapid advancement in technology, both the affordability and accessibility of solar power have increased around the globe over the past two decades. As a result, more people belonging to both domestic and commercial segments are opting for this absolutely clean and affordable source of energy without any second thought. Harnessing solar energy calls for a complete setup that involves different solar power systems such as solar modules, batteries, and inverters produced by the top 10 solar inverter manufacturers in India

A solar inverter is a system that is utilized to convert the variable Direct Current (DC) output into Alternating Current (AC) that can run all of our devices and appliances just like the electricity that we receive from our national power grid. However, buying a solar inverter involves an investment for which a few certain things are imperative to be considered seriously. Price comparison is one of the foremost things before you go for any kind of solar inverter. This blog discusses the same to enlighten you about all the aspects associated with it.

Here we go:

Inverter Type

The type of inverter is one of the most significant points to consider while making up your mind to buy one. Deciding on the type of inverter is the first thing that will confuse you while making comparisons among the inverter prices. There are two types of solar inverters that you can go for – off-grid and on-grid. Off-grid inverters rely solely upon solar panels to generate energy from the sunlight and these inverters generally come at a price when compared to on-grid solar inverters. On the other hand, on-grid solar inverters come with the ability to get connected to the local grid without any reliance on solar power panels.  


The battery is the most crucial component of the solar inverter manufactured and supplied by the top 10 solar panel company in India. And, it is the battery that determines the price of the inverter to a large extent. How durable and performance-packed your inverter is depends upon the battery. Therefore, keeping in view the same, you need to choose your battery with much care and concern. It is not rocket science to assess the capacity of the battery which indicates the performance ability of the battery. You can conclude almost effortlessly how many hours the battery can run your device and appliances. You can make calculations in this regard based on your wattage requirements, and backup hours. You can seek professional help in this regard in case you are finding yourself unable to settle.


Technology is also a key player when it comes to determining the cost of a solar inverter. Technology here means the mechanism on which your inverter works or runs. If you take a look at the market, then you will find the given below technologies:

1. PWM or Pulse with Modulation Controller Technology

This technology works like simple switching while making sure that the voltages of the solar arrays and the voltages of the concerned battery are always equal.

2. MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology 

This technology, on the other hand, ensures that solar arrays render optimal power through the required voltage output to match the battery. With these features in place, the price of the system as a whole also increases.  

Power Considerations

Usually, the solar inverter produced and supplied by the best solar panel manufacturers in India supplies two kinds of power, namely:

·        The typical power, and

·        Peak power

Both these forms of power play a determining role in the pricing of the solar energy generation system. In simple words, the typical form of power is the normal power that the system supplies steadily and at a constant pace. On the contrary, peak power is the form of power that a given system is capable of supplying at its fullest capacity for a short period. As far as the exacting period of the peak power is concerned, it might be anywhere between a few seconds and 10-15 minutes. 

Depending upon the patterns of your consumption, the price of the solar inverter is determined. In case these terms are baffling your mind and going beyond your understanding, then don’t hesitate to seek some professional help. It is of immense significance because you cannot change your solar energy inverter every other day. After all, it might be a significant investment on your part, and therefore, you need to settle for the one that lives up to your expectations in its entirety without any hassles. 

Concluding Remarks 

Solar inverters are generally a one-time investment, and their prices are generally on the higher side when it comes to comparing them with conventional inverters. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a brand that has built a reputation within the industry rather than those claiming to offer cheaper solutions. Insolation Energy is the best solar inverter manufacturer in India having a world-class solar panel production facility with specialized infrastructural prowess.  You can call the company at its dedicated Hotline Sales Enquiry Number – 7240 444 666. Else you can send them an email at info@insolationenergy.in with your questions, queries, and concerns (Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 7 PM).

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