What is DCR & NON-DCR Solar PV Module?
What is DCR & NON-DCR Solar PV Module?

What is DCR & NON-DCR Solar PV Module?

Solar energy is all set to power our modern generation and effectively lead us with a brighter prospect for future vision. Moreover, the awareness is also growing to adopt the technology globally, leaving fossil fuels behind. While it has been extensively criticized for being costly or incompetent, solar energy has become enormously beneficial for the atmosphere and the economy. 

Solar power technology has been significantly enriched in the last couple of years. It has been complemented by solar battery storage systems, transforming solar into a considerably more effectively clean and renewable energy source. As a result, there has been a lot of interest in DCR (Domestic Content Requirement) Solar PV Modules recently, especially in residential solar rooftop installations. So what is this DCR Solar PV Module? and How is it beneficial? 

What are DCR & NON-DCR Solar Panels?

DCR is a term created by the MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) to encourage the usage of Made in India solar panels. According to MNRE, DCR panels are those solar panels or modules wherein the solar cell and solar module are manufactured in India. Whereas, Non-DCR solar panels, on the other hand, are those solar panels in which the solar cell and solar module are not designed and manufactured in India. 

MNRE reviews the Make in India initiative every year and its growth and is based on the capacities of various stages of solar panel manufacturing in India. This has become the mandate for specific projects promoted by MNRE, especially for residential projects associated with any form of subsidy and CPSU scheme for more than 12,000 MW.

MNRE is also planning to increase the domestic content use to include wafers, ingots, and polysilicon manufactured in India in the coming years. However, there are no players for wafers or ingots; hence it may be limited to the cells and solar panels.

In India, the cell capacity is limited to 3 GW/year as of today. There is a misconception that DCR solar panels are inferior to high-efficiency solar panels. DCR panels are as good as the solar panel company that manufactures solar PV modules. In India, the module capacity has increased dramatically. Several high-grade DCR PV module manufacturers in India, such as Insolation Energy, offer the best solar panels in India and are well-informed about the latest technological developments. 

Future of DCR Solar Panels

Some industry experts take the view that the DCRs have few long-term benefits for domestic manufacturers. Instead, what is needed is a more comprehensive structural approach that would genuinely address domestic Solar panel manufacturers’ constraints and empower them to become cost-competitive in the global market.

Ultimately, if importing is cost-efficient, solar energy manufacturers should be free to import technology and materials, like solar cells and modules. In addition, removing trade barriers might attract more foreign and domestic investment in the solar sector leading to increased investment in the manufacturing of solar cells and modules.

Following more investment in this sector, market forces will likely lead to a situation where solar developers choose to buy domestically manufactured solar cells and modules as a practical business decision, without external pressure.

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Solar power, without doubt, holds the key to India’s emergence as a significant industrial power. It will also help decrease the country’s dependency on elementary sources of energy in industries and households. So if you are planning to install solar panels, then it is suggested that you go with the best DCR module suppliers available in the market because solar is a long-term asset. 

With the increasing demand for environmentally sound solutions in India and reduced dependence on grids, installing high-quality DCR & NON-DCR panels from any well-known DCR PV module manufacturer in Rajasthan such as Insolation Energy is an excellent move in the right direction.

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