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Solar Power conditioning Unit (PCU) is a powerful hybrid solar inverter with advanced mppt technology based solar charge controller, Digital display, and purely safe form short-circuits. 7.5 kW solar PCU is Industrial design, heavy built for running power load such as 2 Air- conditioners and lighting load such as fans, lights, computers, printers, Xerox machine used in home, office and commercial space.

The materials are checked for dimensions, Specifications, Quantity, weight,shelf life visual as per criteria laid out in Quality Plan of material. The following material are inspected whenever they arrive in the plant as per criteria laid out in Quality Plan: EVA, Glass, Cell, Backsheet, Ribbon, Busbar, Frame, Junction box, silicon Sealant, Labels, Packing Boxes, wooden pallets in process quality inspection The product during manufacturing is inspected at various stages on line for various parameters as per criteria laid out in Quality Plan.
solar PCU image
solar PCU image
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Solar videos Insolation Energy
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How it Works

Final Quality Inspection

The Product is inspected before dispatch to customers for visual inspection, packing and electrical parameters. After stringent Quality inspection solar modules are dispatched to customers.

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Machine Validation

The sun simulator and High Voltage equipment are calibrated in every shift so that machine performs all the testing in accurate manner and product is of specified parameters.

Quality Control Systems

All raw materials are inspected as per Quality Plan of Insolation enegy. The quality system is followed in 4 sections in Insolation energy: -Incoming Quality Inspection (IQC) -In process Quality Inspection (IPQC) -Final Quality Inspection (FQA)
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