8 Common Myths About Solar Energy
8 Common Myths About Solar Energy

8 Common Myths About Solar Energy

India is abundantly blessed with solar energy. However, despite the great solar potential, we have been unable to utilize much of its benefits. The lack of understanding regarding solar energy at an individual level is probably the biggest obstacle in the proliferation of solar energy in India.

Solar energy has proven itself as one of the best resources of renewable energy and has been a trending topic in energy discussions for the past several years. The demand for renewable forms of energy is on the rise to reduce the effects of global warming our environment is facing due to increased pollution. 

We are surrounded by an excess of renewable energies, especially solar energy, which has the potential to be used continuously.  Although this is true, there are still some myths surrounding the benefits gained from solar energy. It is time to remove the myths of solar energy and expand the future outlook for it.

Myth 1: Solar Panels Do Not Work When It Is Cloudy. 

Solar Power Plant works in sunny, cold, and even cloudy environments. The cloudy weather does not hinder the productivity of solar panels; they can be a sustainable source of electricity as they can still generate sufficient power. Even cold, sunny winter days produce an adequate amount of electricity to what you would acquire from hot summer days.

Myth 2: Installing Solar Panel Is A Complicated Process.

Solar panel installation is pretty straightforward as long as you are using a trustworthy solar manufacturer. It is as easy as installing any other domestic appliance like an air conditioner. It’s a simple process that starts with a site inspection to measure Solar Energy Potential moving on to a recommended solution with essential approvals from the solar module manufacturing company to the installation of the Solar Power Plant.

Myth 3: Solar Panel Requires A Lot Of Maintenance.

If your solar panel system is connected to your utility grid, which is common among electricity systems, then it is easier to maintain solar panels. The solar panels would only need cleaning with water to get rid of any dust or debris that has been gathered around. 

Solar panels are built in a way that allows them to resist harsh weather conditions, including storms, snowfalls, etc. If you have a battery-based solar module, it will require more cleaning, but systems without batteries are more common and are inexpensive than those that contain solar battery systems.

Myth 4: Solar Panels Will Cause Damage To Your Roof.

Solar panels actually extend the life of a roof they cover by protecting and preserving it. In the unlikely occurrence, if the roof on which the solar panel is installed is damaged and needs to be repaired, the solar module can be easily removed since they are not directly attached to the roof, they are just mounted on top of it. 

Usually, if there are any gaps between the solar panel and the rooftop, the sealant is used to fill the gaps. Additionally, the mounts are protected using a metal “flashing” or layers for extra barriers for safety. Before installing solar panels on a new roof, please remember to ensure that the roof is not damaged.

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Myth 5: Excess Energy Can Be Stored In Battery Systems.

If your solar plant system is connected to the electricity grid, then you would benefit from a net metering system. Additionally, if you are not connected to the grid, and produce more electricity on some days, you end up having more electricity credited to your account. 

Therefore, if you want more electricity at night when the solar panel system is not running, you end up using the additional electricity generated to power your home directly from the grid. This is done automatically so you would not notice any changes when it gets switched and at the same time still have a low electricity bill. 

Myth 6: Solar Panel Prices Are Based On The Size Of Your Home.

Solar panels are designed to match the specific requirements of each homeowner. When determining the cost of installing solar panels, special consideration is given to the orientation and slope of your home’s roof. Additionally, the surrounding area of the roof is considered to ensure it is positioned in an area that has easy access to sunlight and is not blocked by trees or buildings.

Myth 7: Solar Energy is Inefficient.

Solar energy can generate massive cuts in monthly electricity bills and is an investment that starts paying off the moment it is activated. Additionally, most local grids will credit you for the excess power your solar power system generates.

Myth 8: Solar Energy Is Too Costly And Is Not Economically Viable.

If we look at figures from 2009 to 2015, investments in solar panels in India have usually been growing as they are becoming more affordable. Their average costs have dropped by almost 30% percent. Worldwide, it is actually low-cost to generate electricity from solar energy than it is from coal.


Solar energy is the largest renewable resource and offers a reasonable solution to fossil fuel emissions and global climate change. But encouraging incorrect myths around climate change, renewables, and clean technology can hold us back from becoming more sustainable. 

We do acknowledge that there are some flaws in the technology implementation and need lots of improvements. Still, that doesn’t deny the fact that India has suitable geographical conditions to harness the solar energy. Top solar panel brands in India such as Insolation Energy are utilizing this geographical condition and are committed to manufacture the finest quality solar products in India with round-the-clock services to their consumers.

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