5 Reasons behind the Ever-growing Use of Solar Panels in Commercial Properties
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5 Reasons behind the Ever-growing Use of Solar Panels in Commercial Properties

The use of solar energy is growing the world over with each passing day both in residential and commercial applications. A large number of commercial and residential property owners are also realizing the need and value of solar energy and approaching some of the top solar panel brands in India. Needless to say, solar energy is getting popular for many positive reasons. Increasing cost savings and environmental protection are some of them. 

Over the past 10-15 years, the demand for solar panels for commercial applications has also increased like never before. Be it commercial units of small size or bigger ones, all are placing orders for installing solar panels with the top 10 solar panel companies in India. This blog is an attempt to explore some salient reasons behind why the commercial world is embracing solar panels.

1. Solar panels offer a great return on investment (ROI)

Solar panels manufactured and supplied by the leading solar panel brands in India are the primary medium to harness solar energy. And, since human beings have to pay no cost for solar energy, it is natural for the property owners to have a better return on investment. Once the solar panels are in place, you are destined to enjoy free-of-cost electricity for life with no worries about the piling bills. As a commercial property owner, all that you need to do is – invest once and keep reaping the rewards forever. 

2. Solar panels require almost nil maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most important aspects associated with everything that has commercial value. Commercial commodities provide you with continuous income and therefore need appropriate maintenance at regular intervals. But when it comes to installing solar panels made and supplied by some of the top solar panel brands in India, almost no maintenance is required. They keep working effectively and efficiently throughout their lifespan. Here are some of the top reasons why solar panels don’t need any maintenance:

● Solar panels don’t have any moving parts

● In the absence of moving parts, any kind of breakdown is highly unlikely

● Solar panels also don’t require any parts replacement as they act as whole

● The structure of commercial buildings makes it easy for the owners to keep an eye upon them for any mishaps or damage

● Solar panels are covered with highly specialized tempered glass which provides them with an undaunted protection

● Most of the solar panels are encased by high-quality non-corrosive aluminum.

Each panel is designed and manufactured by the top solar panel brands in India to withstand the harshest climatic and weather conditions making the property owners quite worry-free from snow, wind, hail, and rain.

3. Lower Overall Cost of Installation

The lower overall cost of installation also makes solar panels ideally suitable for commercial property owners. There are a large number of reasons behind it but the government efforts for promoting solar energy are one of the most prominent among them. The financial incentives from the government of India are playing a pivotal role in decreasing the overall installation cost of solar panels on commercial properties. The subsidized mechanism not only promotes more and more use of solar energy but also makes it affordable for the property owners.

Another top reason behind the overall lower installation cost lies in the ever-increasing sophistication in technology. Top solar panel brands in India are ideating, innovating, and creating more cost-effective solar energy solutions keeping in view the end-user overheads.

4. Focus on a sustainable and green future improves brand image

Be it a commercial property or a residential one, people’s shift to a green and sustainable future has become the order of the day. The importance of this approach gets even more important when you have a commercial property. When you install solar panels made and supplied by top solar panel brands in India, you convey a strong message showing gravity towards the environmental concerns as well as energy conservation. You create an unfailing impression that reflects your sensitivity towards the environment.  

What’s more, installing solar panels on your commercial property also indicates that you are doing it all not for the sake of monetary benefits only. It shows your prospects and clients that you are providing them with better solutions keeping in view the green future in mind. It also conveys a message to your investors and shareholders about how professional and environmentally responsible you are. All these things result in an improvement in your brand image.

5. Net Metering

A vast majority of utility companies in India make use of the net metering mechanism to gauge how much energy their customers are consuming. This concept gets even more applicable to commercial connection holders. And, it happens regardless of the claims made by the government that the country is producing surplus energy. As and when you send a signal of overuse or overload of energy to your grid, you are credited at once for that energy.

You can understand it better by this example – suppose that you have installed a 4KW connection onto your commercial premises and your consumption goes beyond the connection limit (4KW), then your account would be credited for that additional consumption. Thus, your next electricity bill would be served with all the credits transferred. But when you install solar panels manufactured and supplied by the leading solar panel brands in India, you create your own electricity to meet various uses across your premises. This in turn ensures more savings for you on the electricity charges.

The Closing Note

Insolation Energy is one of the top solar panel brands in India. The company has a state-of-the-art solar panel manufacturing facility in India with specialized infrastructural prowess in producing high-efficiency solar PV Modules. Having repute among the top 10 solar panel company in India, Insolation Energy is well-known the world over for manufacturing the best utility-scale solar panels. The company strives hard to provide the best solutions for sustainable solar products. Insolation Energy is backed by a team of passionate and knowledgeable solar panel experts and installers.



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