PV Module

Quality Control Systems

Revision No & Date: Revision No 00 & December, 2016 | Applicable for IEC Certified Products

The quality system is followed in 4 sections in Insolation energy:

  • Incoming Quality Inspection (IQC)
  • In process Quality Inspection (IPQC)
  • Final Quality Inspection (FQA)

All raw materials are inspected as per Quality Plan of Insolation enegy.

Data Sheet Poly

Product Data Sheet -All in One

The materials are checked for dimensions, Specifications, Quantity, weight,shelf life visual as per criteria laid out in Quality Plan of material. The following material are inspected whenever they arrive in the plant as per criteria laid out in Quality Plan: EVA, Glass, Cell, Backsheet, Ribbon, Busbar, Frame, Junction box, silicon Sealant, Labels, Packing Boxes, wooden pallets IN PROCESS QUALITY INSPECTION The product during manufacturing is inspected at various stages on line for various parameters as per criteria laid out in Quality Plan.
These are the stringent inspections performed at various stages so that product produces if of Premium Quality. The following inspections are performed on Product during manufacturing as per Quality Plan:

  • Visual Glass Inspection for Spots, transimission etc
  • Cell Testing with reference of calibrated cells
  • Visual inspection of cells
  • EVA and backsheet for dimensions
  • Ribbon Pull Test-peel strength
  • Gap between Cells
  • Gap between strings
  • Gap between cells and Glass side edge
  • Gap between cells and Glass top edge
  • String Polarity
  • Bus Bar Location w.r.t. Junction box terminal
  • IV testing at Lay up
  • EL test before Lamination and after lamination
  • Visual Inspection before & after Laminator
  • Gap between Bus bars
  • Gap between Busbar and cells
  • Visual Inspection after Lamination
  • Frame Inspection after fitment
  • Junction Box Assembly and pull test Inspection
  • Electrical Parameters of Modules
  • Leakage current at high voltage
  • IR at high voltage –HIliOT test
  • Wet leakage test
  • Module visual Inspection
  • Packing Inspection
  • Gel content Test
  • Back sheet Pull test
  • Sun shocking- R&R
  • Damp heat test*
  • Partial discharge test *


The Product is inspected before dispatch to customers for visual inspection, packing and electrical parameters. After stringent Quality inspection solar modules are dispatched to customers.


The sun simulator and High Voltage equipment are calibrated in every shift so that machine performs all the testing in accurate manner and product is of specified parameters.

Extra USP

UV anti glare resistance and all weather load resistance Glass

  • 25 year Linear Performance warranty
  • Best Quality Raw Material
  • Manufactured on Fully Automatic production Line
  • Compact Design Effcient shipping ,easy handling


Only for 60 and 72 Cells Module

  • On-grid large scale utility systems
  • On-grid rooftop residential and commercial systems
  • Off-grid residential systems
  • Solar pumping applications


Positive Power Tolerance up to 5Wp to reduce current mismatch loss in single string for Ensuring better ROI

  • 4 BB / 5 BB Multi PERC technology high efficiency Cell Improved Module Efficiency .
  • PID Resistant (85 ˚C , 85% Relative humidity , 168 Hours@-1000V )
  • Excellent Low light & Long wavelength response ( > 1100 nm)
  • Highest Area efficiency in it’s Class
  • Unique Frame design with high mechanical strength
  • 100% EL tested Pre & post Lamination ,Higher reliability
  • Compact Design Efficient shipping ,easy handling
  • More than 30 In-House testing for better Quality product.

Application for Small Wattage Modules

  • Solar Lantern
  • Solar street light
  • Solar water pumps
  • Solar home light system (HLS)
  • Solar traffic sign
  • Rural electrification
  • Green Telecom tower
  • Electric vehicle charging station